Grady Health System


Atlanta, GA




Experiential Design and Wayfinding

When Grady Health System was struggling with an aging and disjointed wayfinding system at Atlanta’s historic Grady Hospital, Gresham Smith stepped in to provide direction. Through a new campus signage standards program we helped foster a positive experience for the hospital’s guests while also unifying and strengthening the Grady Health brand. The hospital’s exterior is now rejuvenated with eye-catching, cohesive signage that clearly communicates important information as well as an image of success.

new exterior sign systems
square block campus
the exterior of Grady Hospital

We started by conducting an in-depth analysis of Grady’s specific wayfinding needs, which were complex given the campus’ location on seven square blocks in dense, downtown Atlanta. Through interviews with stakeholders and site utilization studies, we developed a campus master plan that creates a consistent and cohesive signage and wayfinding system, while improving clarity by adding additional signage at key decision points across the campus.

sign post outside Grady Hospital
the entry sign of Grady Hospital

Once we better understood the issues on the campus, we developed a kit-of-parts signage program. It has been applied throughout the multi-block campus and new exterior signage has been added to 14 facilities. Additionally, a series of trailblazer signs help solve one of the primary concerns of guiding patients and visitors to parking facilities. As the campus continues to expand, the system is designed to be easily applied as Grady flexes and grows to meet the needs of the community.

Gresham Smith has been successful in designing a signage program that supports a positive hospital experience while creating a look and feel that reflects our long-established prominence in the community. Lindsay Caufield Senior Vice President, Grady Health System