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When HCA Healthcare partnered with a world-renowned surgeon to open The Hospital for Endocrine Surgery—a first-of-its-kind facility dedicated to the surgical care and treatment for endocrine tumors and disorders of the thyroid, parathyroid, and adrenal glands—they called on Gresham Smith to design the new space. Our team renovated 64,000 square feet inside West Tampa Hospital, transforming a 1970s building into a state-of-the-art facility that combines a hospitality-focused experience with world-class care for patients from around the globe. Drawing inspiration from the beauty of Florida’s west coast and featuring amenities that provide comfort and convenience, the space reflects the level of care provided at the hospital.

prep and recovery bays
operating rooms
private patient rooms
A person walking across a crosswalk towards the entrance of a hospital

Our design process centered around creating a hospitality-like experience for patients, many of whom travel from around the world to receive the hospital’s renowned care. The hospital’s modern exterior reflects the sophisticated, high-tech care patients can expect to receive inside and features wood-look metal panels, perforated metal screens and large expanses of windows. A glass canopy welcomes visitors into the main lobby, where the interior design was influenced by west Florida’s lush landscape and vibrant plant life.

Two people standing at the reception desk in a white lobby

Our interior designers drew inspiration from Florida’s sun, sand and blue skies, which is reflected in the space’s materials and finishes. For added comfort and convenience, patients can check in at the centralized registration desk and wait in one of the lounge areas, or visit the adjacent dining space and outdoor terrace. The calming pre- and post-surgery unit is home to 33 bays with a centralized nursing station demarcated by a wood ceiling feature and recessed lighting, while 15 private patient rooms create a comforting experience that reduces stress.

The facility’s radiology, nuclear medicine, laboratory and pathology departments enable physicians to diagnose and treat endocrine tumors, and the eight operating rooms are equipped with the latest technology, such as video connectivity and robotic systems, to support surgeons performing advanced procedures. Additionally, updates to the existing elevator circulation create operational efficiencies while separating the Hospital for Endocrine Surgery staff and patients from West Tampa Hospital’s other patient populations.

Our team provided a modern, technically-advanced space that meets today’s operational needs while also providing flexibility for the future as treatment methods evolve. The new Hospital for Endocrine Surgery provides a one-of-a-kind patient experience that supports world-class surgeons in providing highly specialized care.

Nurses at a nurse station with patient bays on both sides