Horn USA


Franklin, TN




Architecture, Engineering, Interior Design

Founded in Tübingen, Germany, HORN has been developing and producing leading-edge grooving, side-turning and slot-milling tools since 1969. Their products are used by automotive, general engineering, aerospace, hydraulics, pneumatics, jewelry and medical equipment manufacturers. Its North American subsidiary, Horn USA, was established in Franklin, Tennessee, in 1997.

Tired of renting space that didn’t serve the company’s manufacturing needs, Horn USA called on Gresham Smith to design a new 112,000-square-foot manufacturing plant and headquarters for its North American operation in Franklin, Tennessee. Boasting a contemporary aesthetic accented by clean lines synonymous with the German manufacturer’s brand, the new facility effectively supports the firm’s requirements for production, storage and shipping, as well as its administration staff.

square-foot manufacturing plant
square feet of office space
state-of-the-art facility
an interior rendering of the Horn USA office

A Nod to the German Facility

Featuring a striking monumental stair, the lobby area was designed to capture the welcoming atmosphere of the lobby in HORN’s main plant in Tübingen, Germany. Large conference rooms with floor-to-ceiling glass windows and a reception area round out this space. The company’s signature yellow that features in their distinctive logo is highlighted in several spaces throughout the interiors.

a photo of the Horn USA office

Open, Inviting & Bright

16,000 square feet of new office space flooded with natural light signals a more open and inviting environment for Horn USA employees. Located adjacent to the manufacturing space, the office component was designed with clear sight lines to the facility’s manufacturing and production area.

a photo of the Horn USA manufacturing facility

Meanwhile, Down on Main Street

The program also includes shared HR and training facilities, a common break area/canteen for both office and production employees, and a showroom featuring double-glass walls that comes together in the building’s main east-west corridor—referred to as Main Street—that runs from the building entrance to the back of the manufacturing/production area. The showroom was designed to house production equipment and is used for training and demonstration purposes for Horn USA’s sales and technical staff.

a photo of the Horn USA manufacturing space

Room for Growth

Supporting Horn USA’s 20-year growth plan, our design gives the company room to grow over the next two decades. With the implementation of this larger production area, the company plans to expand their grinding capacity and add new production processes that were not possible in their previous facility.