Electric Power Board of Chattanooga


Chattanooga, TN


Utilities and Broadband

In April 2018, the Electric Power Board of Chattanooga (Chattanooga EPB) asked Gresham Smith to provide design services for the relocation of a section of overhead 46kV transmission and 13kV distribution facilities to accommodate a Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) roadway widening project on I-24 that runs through downtown Chattanooga.

steel poles
linear feet of underground conductor
exposed utilities and workers working on them on I-24

Improving Area Aesthetics

As Chattanooga EPB’s existing facilities were situated on private easement, the cost for the relocation was reimbursable under the TDOT utility contract. The relocation design consisted of moving the facilities from overhead to underground to improve the aesthetics of the area, as the property along the roadway project was scheduled to be redeveloped.

Our design also included a new railroad crossing along the project limits. Other specifics comprise the incorporation of 62,000 linear feet of 4-inch PVC conduit and 25,000 linear feet of 46kV underground conductor, including 66 46kV splices.