City of Clarksville


Clarksville, TN


Roadway Design and Engineering, Utilities and Broadband

In a state of general disrepair, Legion Street was known by many as a back alley for businesses in downtown Clarksville, Tennessee. With a drive to revitalize the city, Legion Street was the next piece in the puzzle. A majority of businesses located on Main Street and Franklin Street—the two streets running parallel on either side—had rear entrances on Legion Street that served as little more than spaces for trash bins. Sidewalks were non-ADA compliant, power and utility lines were above ground, and utility poles cluttered the street. The City called on Gresham Smith to develop a plan with a more aesthetically pleasing backdrop for community events and a more inviting environment for businesses in general.

Our plan called for updating all aspects of Legion Street to match the historic look and feel of Clarksville. Sidewalks were designed with brick and expanded to adhere to ADA regulations. Utilities were relocated underground, and parking and access were improved. Decorative lamp posts were added to provide necessary lighting and additional safety for pedestrians. The design also included flowering brick planters and a sculptural fountain, bringing the once dark, gloomy alley back to life. Due to close coordination between the City and our engineering teams, valuable time and money was saved by preordering construction materials, and the project was finished in less than a year. The finished project encourages and accommodates an increase in pedestrian traffic, drives additional business and promotes new opportunities, and instills pride in the City by creating a greater sense of place and attraction.