Louisville Metro Department of Public Works


Louisville, KY


Roadway Design and Engineering

The mission of Louisville Metro Department of Public Works is to maintain the city’s infrastructure, support initiatives that foster a healthy environment and improve public services to ensure a higher quality of life for the community. As densities in the city’s urban core continue to rise and more of the populace seek alternative means of transportation, Louisville Metro has recognized the need to connect and expand its current network of bicycle lanes into a cohesive, safe and accessible Urban Bike Network (UBN). The City asked Gresham Smith to help plan and design the UBN’s routes and bike facilities that focused on connecting Louisville’s central business district to nearby neighborhoods and points of interest. The 6th Street corridor is the first major north-south passageway built to the new local bike lane standard developed by the Gresham Smith team. The corridor links downtown to major east-west connections on Kentucky Street and Breckenridge Street that lead to high-density residential neighborhoods like Old Louisville, Smoketown and the Highlands.