Novant Health


Charlotte, NC




Architecture, Interior Design, Experiential Design and Wayfinding

Novant Health’s Presbyterian Medical Center wanted to renovate, right-size private patient rooms and implement system prototypes for its neurology, cardiovascular, medical and surgical inpatient care units. Gresham Smith’s design updates patient units for floors 3-6 across three hospital wings. Inspired by North Carolina’s geography, the new inpatient spaces provide a quiet, comfortable, peaceful and modern healing environment.

square feet
beds renovated
inpatient wings
elevator bank after renovation
The old elevator bank blended in with its surroundings, impeding wayfinding

Throughout the design process, we prioritized creating efficient, upscale units. Sense of place and biophilic design, which considers the human affiliation towards the natural world, drove the interior palette. The team took cues from North Carolina’s geography to incorporate nature as well as enhance intuitive wayfinding. Each floor has a theme with a slightly different, but complementary color palette. Natural imagery was used to create modern super-graphic installed at elevator banks and other key areas to orient, as well as inspire, occupants.

two nurses at a nurse station
old patient room
Before the renovation, nurse stations offered limited visibility

The renovation also presented an opportunity to not only refresh patient rooms, but also design staff spaces for access and efficiency. Care teams enjoy more storage for supplies and equipment and telecommunications equipment is located closer to nursing stations. We also provided infrastructure for integrated technology within patient rooms, including provisions for smartboards on footwalls in the future.

nurse in patient room
Prior to the project, patient rooms felt cramped and dated