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Over the past decade, Florida has experienced a staggering 14.6% growth in its population, requiring additional healthcare facilities to meet the needs of new patients. With limited land available in urban areas to build new large-scale facilities, new care providers are thinking outside the box to bring quality, convenient healthcare services to the community.

An innovative service provider in the emergency care industry, Nutex Health has called upon Gresham Smith to lead their micro hospital development program across the state of Florida. Much smaller than a traditional hospital, micro hospitals are one- or two-story buildings, and include one operating suite, a 10-12 room emergency department, 6-10 inpatient rooms, a procedure room and a full imaging suite. Nutex has selected four project sites so far, with more planned in the coming years.

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Leveraging AHCA Experience

Each individual project site has specific requirements and regulations, and the Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) has different review teams for each of Florida’s regions. Because of these complexities, Nutex Health sought Gresham Smith for our strong track record and expertise working with AHCA on healthcare facilities across the state of Florida.

Alleviating Pressure on Large-Scale Hospitals

Different from a critical access hospital, these micro hospitals are designed to serve lower acuity patients who don’t need an Intensive Care Unit or extended stay after a surgery. Still offering the full range of services for those who are seeking care and treatment for minor surgeries and general medical needs, the facilities convenient, reliable care and leave space in large-scale hospitals for those who need it the most.

Connected to the Community

Because of their small site footprint, micro hospitals can be conveniently located within their communities. Several of Nutex’s planned sites are in the midst of neighborhoods, while others are located within main shopping centers. Their compact one- to two-story floorplans also allow for plenty of parking, as well as future flexibility as populations grow and change.

To further create connections in communities and boost the local economy, Nutex Health partners with local restaurants to deliver patient food. They also partner with local schools, business, other health entities and organizations.