Robert Bosch






Architecture, Engineering, Program Management

As a longtime client, we have become intimately familiar with Robert Bosch’s culture, business and operations, and have continuously served in a trusted advisor capacity to help them achieve their goals on multiple projects, including a modernization of their braking systems division campus in South Bend, Indiana, and a manufacturing campus in Clarksville, Tennessee.

A great example of Gresham Smith’s breadth and flexibility of services is our work to modernize the South Bend campus. At the time, the facility was the first research and development facility of its magnitude in the U.S. It provides Bosch a centralized service center which greatly improves efficiencies. The renovation converted approximately 200,000 square feet of unused manufacturing space into high-tech laboratories, vehicle testing areas and modern warehouse space. We provided services ranging from big-picture campus master planning to the design of a new security system, lighting system, and power distribution system. Our work also included structural modifications, HVAC system upgrades, a new sprinkler system, and new electrical service including negotiations for a new 10 MVA, 69 KV substation with the local utility company, and design of a new 5 KV campus distribution system and 1,000 KVA unit substation. In several well-organized phases, we transformed unused manufacturing space into a unified campus with planned, renovated spaces.

Bosch also turned to us again for planning, design and construction administration work on a 166,000-square-foot manufacturing plant and warehouse, a 10,000-square-foot central power plant and a 3,000-square-foot hazardous materials storage building in Clarksville, Tennessee. At the time, their goal was to expand the existing plant in order to consolidate several other plants in higher cost areas. We also developed a master plan for the 75-acre site, defined user requirements and adapted Bosch European design and construction standards. The plant now includes new tanks and conveying systems for scrap cast iron and metal chips. The central power plant houses air compressors, chillers, main electrical services and distribution panels, and an emergency generator. The new consolidated location improves efficiency, resulting in lowered costs associated with maintaining multiple plants in higher cost areas.