Prince George County, VA




Architecture, Engineering

The Rolls-Royce Crosspointe facility in Virginia is a center of excellence for the manufacture of precision-engineered engine discs, turbine blades and other jet engine components for some of the most advanced aircraft in the world. Crosspointe demonstrates Rolls-Royce’s commitment to the region and its global aerospace customers.

Completed in 2013, the Rolls-Royce Advanced Aerofoil Machining Facility (AAMF) manufactures high precision turbine components. It adjoins a Rotatives Facility that was completed in 2011 and both facilities operate in combined total area of 270,000 square feet. These state of the art facilities manufacture, assemble and tests a range of aerospace components and products for engines designed for Rolls-Royce civil large engine customers, including the Boeing 787, Airbus A380 and A350 XWB.

Gresham Smith completed the bridging documents for design and construction for AAMF, which detailed specific guidelines for the set of buildings located on the initial 60-acre parcel of the property. Aesthetic design elements blend with the architectural context of the surrounding area as well as Rolls-Royce’s branded image criteria. The documents also included approved design development documents related to full site development, parking and landscaping. Gresham Smith worked with the design-build team to finalize the design development documents and see the project through construction.