Rutherford County


Murfreesboro, TN


Architecture, Experiential Design and Wayfinding, Interior Design, MEP Engineering, Structural Engineering

Rutherford County is among the fastest growing areas in Tennessee, and that rapid rise in population forced the county to consider options for expanding the 35-year-old judicial center in downtown Murfreesboro. After deciding that new construction would give the county the best opportunity for future flexibility, Rutherford’s Public Building Authority selected Gresham Smith to design the new Rutherford County Judicial Center (RCJC).

Located just two blocks north of the historic downtown square, the RCJC consists of a courthouse building and off-site parking garage occupying two adjacent sites on Maple Street. The facility will be a driver for future development in Murfreesboro, setting a precedent for projects of a larger scale in the historic downtown area. The completion date of the new judicial center and parking structure also coincides with a number of City of Murfreesboro projects that will revitalize the streets in the area.

The six-story building is programmed to house up to 16 courtrooms inside approximately 215,000 square feet. Secure design was the priority of the facility, which features zonal planning to separate judicial officials, defendants and the public as they circulate throughout the building. Replacing an overcrowded judicial center and expanding the courts’ current capacity, the RCJC is designed to support the county through its next 50 years of growth.