Seoul National University Hospital Medical Mall

  • Kevin K. S. Kim

    Kevin K. S. Kim AIA

    Design Principal Contact

Seoul National University Hospital, a prestigious medical, research and education institution in Korea, needed to add clinic space in their central hospital, the cornerstone of a campus that includes specialty hospitals, labs, research and education facilities. Because the existing campus was essentially at-capacity, there was virtually no space for a new vertical facility. Without the option to build up, our architects and engineers crafted a medical mall solution from the ground down.

The design concept places most functions below the surface level and includes three floors of outpatient clinics, retail and support spaces and a three-level parking garage with a focus on flexibility, intuitive wayfinding, expandability. The mostly below-grade space was designed to feel light and natural through the inclusion of a courtyard and all-natural light via skylights. Natural materials, landscaping, water, light and air were included throughout the design to provide a connection to nature.

As the project would connect to many other hospitals on site, designers also took care to understand the relationships and circulation paths between the different buildings. The team's consideration of the site's overall plan, the importance of pedestrian traffic, and how the campus might change in the future, ultimately created a stronger connection between all campus functions.

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