Shanghai International Medical City

  • Kevin K. S. Kim

    Kevin K. S. Kim AIA

    Design Principal Contact
Shanghai, China
Shanghai Minhang District Health Bureau

In response to the rapidly-growing practice of medical tourism, the Shanghai Minhang District Health Bureau wanted to create a new campus for those traveling across international borders to obtain healthcare.

GS&P designed a medical campus that will integrate a 500-bed facility with a local, state-run hospital and a large oncology hospital, incorporating state-of-the-art surgical suites and energy-efficient design with an emphasis on creating the highest level of sustainability. The Medical City will be comprised of a series of graceful towers that are wrapped in a monolithic skin, giving the campus a commanding and uniform appearance. Facilities will provide a resort-like atmosphere that will accommodate traveling patients' families and loved ones while patients receive top-quality treatment. Sustainable design elements will result in an energy- and resource-efficient campus.

A second scheme, termed the village scheme, was later developed to explore the opportunities gained from separating the assortment of hospital functions while breaking down the building masses into modules that are much more residential in scale. The campus is organized around a series of winding boulevards and traffic circles that are designed to slow down vehicular traffic and encourage pedestrian interaction between the medical city's various buildings.

The City’s central energy plant uses a modular approach to total energy, selecting equipment that can efficiently meet the needs of the initial shared facility and building over time to meet the expanding needs of the Medical City campus while retaining the reliability that is essential to the delivery of healthcare. The modular concept of the entire energy system builds the central plant incrementally as the demands of the medical city grow and evolve. The plant is designed to provide all essential energy needs through multiple sources to maximize the efficiency.

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