Shanghai Minhang District Health Bureau


Shanghai, China




Architecture, Planning

In response to the rapidly growing practice of medical tourism, the Shanghai Minhang District Health Bureau wanted to create a new medical campus for local residents and those traveling across international borders to receive medical care. Gresham Smith provided a master plan for the Shanghai International Medical City—a supersized medical campus consisting of 77 acres and 5 million square feet of healthcare spaces to accommodate 3,000 beds, five hospitals and specialty clinics. With strategies to deliver a garden-like setting and design breakthroughs that will provide a carbon-neutral site, the campus establishes an oasis of healing and a civic amenity in an intensely urban environment.

square feet
glass lobby with a wood ceiling and trees in planting areas

The site didn’t offer enough acreage to accommodate separate inpatient and outpatient entrances nor separate parking for staff, inpatients and outpatients without sacrificing all public and park space. As separating inpatient from outpatient populations is important in China, we used a platform concept to organize the space. Five main facilities connect on subterranean levels topped by a public plaza. The plaza slopes upward from the edge to three stories above street-level, with two functioning stories and parking below grade. The spaces under the platform are for functions that don’t require windows, such as diagnostic equipment, storage, culinary and laundry.

a park with sidewalks and tress outside of a hospital

We designed the site to be one of the most energy-efficient healthcare campuses in the world. Proposed environmental strategies include reusing rainwater and green roofs. Outpatient lobbies are highlighted by skylights and a curtainwall that will provide an abundance of natural light and a strong connection to the campus’ park-like setting. The public plaza will feature trees and landscaping that will not only unify the campus but also provide patients, visitors and staff with a unique connection to nature.

a five-story lobby with a glass wall and skylight

Central to the master plan is the campus’ core support facility. This 947,805-square-foot facility will allow the site’s private and public medical groups to share diagnostic equipment, eliminating the expense of each hospital and clinic providing its own. Following the completion of the master plan, we were awarded a contract to design the Shanghai New Hongqiao International Medical Center Shared Facility—the first facility to be designed on the campus given its vital role as the central hub. Gresham Smith is also responsible for the design of both Huashan Hospital and Lanhai Rehab Hospital.