Shanghai New Hongqiao International Medical Center Shared Facility

Shanghai, China
Shanghai New Hongqiao International Medical Center Construction Development Co. Ltd.
Shanghai has long been referred to as a global city due to its international influence on commerce, culture, fashion and technology. But in spite of its status as a first-tier metropolis, Shanghai is often eclipsed by cities such as Singapore and Hong Kong in the delivery of healthcare services. To better position Shanghai as a world-class city, the Chinese government launched a design competition challenging architects across the globe to create a blueprint for a new international medical city for medical tourists, expatriates and Chinese nationals alike. GS&P secured first place, winning the opportunity to master plan the new medical complex.
A world-first, the 947,805-square-foot, eight-story support facility will serve as the centralized distribution point for all logistical, clinical and public support services for the campus’s five planned hospitals and specialty clinics. The Shared Facility will be the public centerpiece of the complex, which will eventually include more than 3,000 beds and approximately 18,000 employees. It features amenities such as food service, retail, medical exhibition space and underground parking. It is designed to house state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging suites, clinical laboratories, pathology laboratories, pharmacy retail, supply storage, laundry, loading docks and IT services.
Planned to be a sustainable energy-efficient medical campus, the Shared Facility's green design integrates energy recovery, energy production and waste management strategies. A high-performance façade with horizontal solar shading devices provides a higher insulating value, mitigates solar gain and decreases cooling loads. Numerous green roofs and planted terraces also increase insulation, filter storm water runoff, and contribute to the overall park-like atmosphere of the campus, intended as both a healing environment for patients and staff and a public oasis for citizens of Shanghai.

“The functionality of this shared facility truly makes it one-of-a-kind. I’m not aware of any other building that combines this variety of supporting services and then connects to different hospitals with different ownership … By centralizing so many key services, especially the more expensive modalities such as imaging, the support facility will significantly reduce unnecessary duplication of basic services, and also lower operational costs for the individual hospitals and clinics.”

Kevin K. S. Kim, AIA, design principal at Gresham, Smith and Partners
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