Enze Medical Group


Taizhou, China




Architecture, Planning

When Enze Medical Group, owner and operator of Taizhou Hospital, sought a replacement hospital in the burgeoning coastal city of Taizhou, they launched a global design competition challenging architects around the world to develop a solution that would help meet the community’s increasing healthcare needs as well as create a sense of place. Embracing the charge to be one with nature, Gresham Smith’s conceptual design forges a strong connection with the local landscape and provides patients and visitors with a sense of cultural familiarity.

square-meter site
medical center
pond and sidewalk in front of Taizhou Hospital

Though the large site lacked a surrounding built environment, the neighboring mountains and local culture provided ample inspiration. We were also influenced by traditional Chinese garden structure, so we designed aesthetically around the parklike entrance garden, which is framed by phase I and phase II towers. The program includes diagnostic and treatment facilities, acute care, ICU, an emergency department, an outpatient department, physical and functional exam rooms, a division of infectious diseases, as well as administration, research and education facilities.

three-story glass lobby inside Taizhou Hospital
nurse and patient in a patient room

There’s nothing like a room with a view. Keeping this in mind, we composed the building so the majority of inpatient rooms were exposed to striking vistas of the surrounding mountains and the nearby Yangtze River. Skylights and courtyards amplify the connection to nature and bring in natural light, creating an aesthetically pleasing, healing environment. We also employed sustainable strategies such as green roofs, high-performance glass, locally sourced building materials and a compact building massing that would reduce energy consumption and operating costs.