Tennessee Department of Transportation




Construction Engineering and Inspection

Gresham Smith provides a number of roles to the Tennessee Department of Transportation in the maintenance and oversight of the SmartWay ITS System across the state. We serve as the sole representative for oversight of the four regional maintenance contractors for the entire system, which marks the first time the state has trusted a single firm with all four regions concurrently. In that role, we have created a consistent approach to administering maintenance across the state, which leads to a more efficient operation. We oversee preventative maintenance, repair maintenance, special repair maintenance, line locates, software and network maintenance and support, and spare parts inventory replacement for all ITS equipment throughout the state.

In addition to our ongoing statewide maintenance, we have also supported TDOT with construction engineering and inspection services (CEI) for the expansion and development of ITS and travel time sign projects. We provided CEI services for the 11-mile I-40 ITS expansion in Knoxville that included 15 CCTV cameras, two dynamic message signs (DMS), 18 radar detection system devices and one ITS communications hub building. We also performed CEI services for the construction and installation of two DMS structures within the City of Knoxville that were installed on the I-40 approach to I-640 to show travel time information for each route. Services for the Knoxville-area ITS projects included facilitating project progress meetings; coordinating with local utilities and signal agencies; review of ITS design elements, components, and infrastructure submittals; and reviewing and responding to requests for information.