University of Alabama


Tuscaloosa, AL


Architecture, Interior Design

Gresham Smith designed an administrative office building for the University of Alabama System (UAS) on its Tuscaloosa campus. The 35,000-square-foot Sidney McDonald Hall consolidates the offices of the chancellor and the UAS Board of Trustees—which represents The University of Alabama, The University of Alabama at Birmingham and The University of Alabama in Huntsville—into one building, bringing them together from their previous disparate locations. The design challenge was to establish an iconic and enduring image for UAS while blending its appearance with the existing aesthetic of the surrounding campus buildings. In addition to uniting staff to foster a more collaborative and cohesive environment, the new building needed to reflect the three definitive elements of the separate campuses: research, technology and tradition. Our team provided programming, architecture and interior design as well as overall design team leadership. Built to last, McDonald Hall features sustainable elements that support long-term durability and significantly reduce energy consumption.