Tri Star Energy, LLC


Franklin, TN


Engineering, Landscape Architecture, Site Development

When Tri Star Energy, LLC wanted to bring Twice Daily stores to Franklin, Tennessee, there was one problem: a zoning ordinance prohibited it. The City of Franklin had enacted an rule in the 1990s that banned gas stations on corners, which was all but a deal-killer. However, Tri Star didn’t give up hope and called on Gresham Smith to work with the City to revise the ordinance. Once we got the green light, our team helped survey, plan, permit and construct 10 stores and counting, bringing the next generation of convenience stores to the City of Franklin.

revised ordinane
a gas station and convenience store

Meeting in the Middle

A City of Franklin zoning ordinance prohibited gas stations from being built on corners. However, Twice Daily isn’t a traditional gas station—the new generation of convenience stores not only sells gas, but also offer a wide selection of fresh food and beverages and a full-size coffee shop. After many meetings with City staff to coordinate the look of the stores, the location of entrances and exits onto surrounding roadways, where the canopy would be placed and a plan for public space, the ordinance was revised and we were able to move forward with Twice Daily stores in Franklin.

the front of a convenience store

But First, Coffee

It was critical that we provided easy access to Twice Daily’s White Bison Coffee Bar, a new in-store coffee concept. To help our client give their guests a craft coffee experience on the go, we added single-lane drive throughs to several of the sites while still providing ample room for cars and trucks to maneuver through the parking lot.

a bench outside a gas station and convenience store

A Place for the Public

Twice Daily is committed to providing exceptional customer service. To encourage visitors to stop and stay while, we incorporated outdoor amenities such as bike racks, benches, pergolas, and dining space so that they can sit back, relax and enjoy their grab-and-go food or craft coffee drink. By working with the City and understanding Twice Daily’s vision, we were able to deliver Franklin convenience and, of course, caffeine.