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Over the decades, disjointed renovations and additions left UVA Health Prince William Medical Center with a host of issues affecting both its day-to-day operations and its public image. Realizing that facility improvements were needed in order to support their staff and visitors, and perhaps most importantly, to enhance the patient experience, they selected Gresham Smith to create and implement a master plan to correct problems from the past. Phase 4 afforded us the opportunity to pair much-needed circulation improvements with a sleek and unified new façade.

the exterior of the building entrance

Our design unites various structural elements built over five decades to create a cohesive, modern look. The new facade creates a two-story lobby area, replete with terrazzo flooring, that houses the facility’s new, appropriately sized registration area. Comfortable and intimate seating offer an enhanced patient and visitor experience, while ample natural light improves the look and feel of the space.

the building’s main lobby and reception desk
two people sitting on a couch in a waiting area

Previously, public and clinical circulations were entangled, forcing visitors and patients to navigate a maze of corridors in order to get from the main entrance to patient floors. The  renovation provides direct access to existing public visitor elevators and creates a new concourse, which acts as a public thoroughfare along the front of the existing structure by connecting the new main entrance and the Women & Children’s Center entrance. This new circulation spine separates public circulation from patients and staff, providing much-needed efficiency, and allowing patients to maintain their privacy and dignity.