Vanderbilt Medical Center, One Hundred Oaks Mall

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Located on 49 acres adjacent to Interstate 65 on the south side of Nashville, One Hundred Oaks Mall was originally constructed in the early 1960s, but the facility had fallen into disrepair despite experiencing two major overhauls. Traffic patterns had changed significantly around the mall over the years rendering the multiple site access points outdated and ineffective, and declining sales and tenant occupation was threatening to turn the facility into another dead mall.

GS&P partnered with Vanderbilt University to re-vision the deteriorating retail center into a successful, mixed-use medical office destination. We provided master planning, design and programming services for the 880,000-square-foot project, including 300,000-square-feet of leased space dedicated to Vanderbilt University Medical Center's clinical and administrative support operations, an additional 90,000 square feet of shelled space for future expansion, and 50,000 square feet of space for sub-lease in an adjacent office tower. The remainder of the space is leased to a variety of retail operations.

The three existing entrances to the site were modified to provide a corporate-level entrance for the medical offices and separate, completely revitalized access for the two retail entrances, including a new bridge and traffic signals.

The redevelopment focused on preserving many features of the old mall and site, and incorporated improved sustainable technologies such as multiple rain gardens, bio-swales and infiltration ponds. Additional parking was added through creative techniques involving coordination with water quality best management practices, strategically located retaining walls, bridges and traffic circulation patterns. As a tribute to the original property, 100 oak trees were planted on the site, returning much of the barren asphalt lots to a more inviting space. GS&P also provided site rebranding, wayfinding and identification graphics. The distinctive new site graphics play off the historic site's original name while establishing a clean, modern look and feel for Vanderbilt's new medical mall space.

More important than the significant increase in our available clinical space is the overall concept and design which is focused on providing our patients, faculty and staff with a new paradigm for health and wellness. The convenience, accessibility and innovative ways of providing care for our patients are a true transformation of both the architecture and the way our patients experience healthcare.

Cyril Stewart 
Senior Director, Vanderbilt Medical Center Office of Space & Facilities Planning

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