Faces of Gresham Smith: Trey Rudolph

Trey Rudolph, PLA

Trey Rudolph, PLA

Name: Trey Rudolph

Current Title: Senior Landscape Architect

Office Location: Nashville, TN

Years at Gresham Smith: 14.5


Meet Trey Rudolph, a senior landscape architect in our Land Planning market. While it may be ironic that he started his career behind the lawnmower and now designs spaces that require exceptional landscaping, we’re pretty proud of his green thumb. His impressive resume also includes a career on Gresham Smith’s championship-winning softball team, which makes sense because he’s an all-star employee who frequently hits it out of the park.


Where did you grow up?

Eddyville, Kentucky


What was your first job?

From age 12 – 18 I was self-employed doing lawn care.


What made you choose your profession?

I wanted the opportunity to positively impact people’s lives as they experience the world around them. Our client’s success is our success.

How has Gresham Smith helped you in your career development?

I joined Gresham Smith straight out of college, so the firm has truly shaped my career. The exposure to so many different types of projects and design challenges has helped me a gain a more well-rounded understanding of design and construction issues across disciplines. The diversity of work and built-in wealth of design resources at a full-service architecture and engineering firm is just tremendous. As time has progressed, I have also had the opportunity to grow into additional leadership roles, which I am very grateful for.


What is your favorite project you’ve worked on at Gresham Smith and why?

The Marcella Vivrette Smith Park master plan for the City of Brentwood. The park is going to preserve both historical and natural resources while providing opportunities for guests to experience them firsthand.

What advice would you give to people who aspire to be who you are?

Keep honesty and integrity at the heart of all you do and look at every obstacle as an opportunity for growth.


What is one thing your coworkers might not know about you?

I LIVE to make my two kids laugh. I will do whatever embarrassing thing it requires and it’s the highlight of my day.


What are three objects that can always be found on your desk?

My coffee mug, chocolate, and wood decking samples.