Gresham Smith Debuts New MPATH App at NACTO Designing Cities Conference

Patented Technology Now Available to Clients through App-Based Software

During the 2023 NACTO Designing Cities conference in Denver, Gresham Smith will debut a new app for the firm’s MPATH technology.

“MPATH: Empathic Insights by Gresham Smith” is a revolutionary, patented approach that quantifies how people experience places, providing invaluable insights to planners, designers, and stakeholders on user-centric design responses. MPATH effectively measures the levels of comfort and stress experienced by users by coupling community shared biometric data from modern wearables and location. It enables the identification of critical pain-points, which are often indicative of confusion or potential safety issues.

At NACTO, MPATH will be showcased during a series of bike tours examining the progress that has been made on Denver’s bike network in the northwest part of the city. The Denver Department of Transportation and Infrastructure is actively using MPATH to study Vision Zero projects in the city to determine where improvements need to be made for bicyclists, pedestrians, and motorists alike. MPATH offers a unique approach where clients can use the software to identify likely locations of problematic infrastructure, potentially as a precursor to crashes or other serious incidents related to roadway safety.

“I’m thrilled that our app is now available to both Apple and Android users,” said Mike Sewell, Director of Innovation at Gresham Smith. “This app launch marks a new phase for MPATH, where multiple clients in cities around the world are piloting this revolutionary new technology.”

For clients in the Transportation market, the empathic approach fosters a user-centric design, resulting in increased satisfaction, intuitiveness, enhanced safety, and the promotion of sustainable and accessible mobility solutions. With MPATH, planners can create transportation systems that truly resonate with the needs and desires of the people they serve, ensuring a more connected, efficient, and enjoyable future for all.

“NACTO is just the beginning,” Sewell said. “While we’ll showcase MPATH to city transportation officials at NACTO, there are a number of other potential outlets for clients in our vertical markets, including Aviation, Industrial, Healthcare, and Life and Work Places.”

To learn more about MPATH, visit The app can now be downloaded on Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play store.