Gresham Smith Selected to Design A1A Trail Improvements in Florida

Design to Accommodate for Coastally Sensitive Nature of State Route A1A

The Florida Department of Transportation has awarded a contract to Gresham Smith to design a new shared-use path along the scenic Florida State Route A1A that will connect Ft. Matanzas National Monument and the waterfront town of Marineland.

Gresham Smith is designing a new 2.5-mile shared-use trail that will run alongside the A1A roadway that could also include bridge modifications to accommodate for separated bicycle and pedestrian facilities. The project team will start by studying various alignment alternatives and conducting a public engagement campaign with stakeholders along the route.

“We’re excited to have the opportunity to continue to serve as a trusted advisor for FDOT and guide them through complex, coastally sensitive issues and provide our client with innovative design solutions,” said Tyler Strickland, P.E., J.D., RSP1, Florida State Transportation Leader. “Our active transportation team will work alongside our new Jacksonville Transportation Leader, Mario Dipola, to design solutions that will make this route a safer roadway with a shared-use trail for all users that FDOT and the community will be proud of.”