Gresham Smith’s Rachel Westerfield and Carl Spirio to Speak at National Hydraulic Engineering Conference

Transportation Professionals Will Share Insights on Resiliency

Event Date

Gresham Smith is proud to announce that Senior Engineer Rachel Westerfield, P.E., CFM, and Central Florida Design Group Leader Carl Spirio, P.E., CPM, will speak at the National Hydraulic Engineering Conference that will be held in Atlanta from August 16-August 19. Westerfield and Spirio will speak to this year’s conference theme, Advancing Hydraulic Engineering for Infrastructure Resiliency.

Below is a summary of their presentations.


Mississippi’s Advancing the State of Practice for Hydraulic Engineers, Designing with Depth and Breadth       

Presented by Rachel Westerfield, Senior Engineer at Gresham Smith and Amanda Farmer, State Hydraulics Engineer at the Mississippi Department of Transportation

MDOT’s bridge hydraulic design procedures have evolved significantly over the past 10 years, advancing hydraulic engineering for Mississippi’s infrastructure resiliency and best practices for the State. Alongside Amanda Farmer, P.E. CFM, of MDOT, Westerfield will speak about the evolution of the bridge hydraulic design process. The presentation will feature a discussion about best practices in Mississippi, including the use of SRH-2D.


Coastal Strategies for Drainage Resilience and Permitting in Florida

Presented by Carl Spirio, Central Florida Design Group Leader at Gresham Smith

Although Florida has always been vulnerable to coastal flooding associated with tropical systems, new strategies and guidance are needed to address sea level rise and other types of flooding impacting coastal areas throughout the State. This presentation will focus on the emerging issues impacting Florida’s coastlines and highlight the research needs and design guidance required to address more comprehensive solutions that promote better resiliency and long-term sustainability. In addition, this session will focus on the environmental permitting and stakeholder engagement required to produce successful regional projects involving coastline protection and water quality initiatives throughout Florida.