National STEM Day 2022

Every year on November 8, National STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) Day celebrates careers in science, technology, engineering, art and math. By encouraging children to explore their interests in these fields, they are laying the foundation to play an important role as it affects our industry’s innovations, research and knowledge. To recognize the STEM-related professionals in our firm, we asked our employees: “How would you describe your job to a first grader?” Check out their answers!



My job is to help utility companies make sure that the services they offer are working correctly so that you and your family have power for lights and appliances, gas for heat, water for baths, showers and waterslides, and communications so you can watch television, stream movies and eat popcorn!

When these services get broken because of storms, accidents or just plain age, my staff and I are the ones who the utility companies call. We design solutions to fix the problems so that the families they serve can continue to enjoy the services they have in their homes.

Rick Yeager
Utilities Practice Leader



The way we live and operate can have a big impact on our planet. As a Sustainability and Resiliency project manager, I help clients understand their impacts and make changes to protect our planet’s and our community’s health.

Jinelle Crosser, ENV SP, LEED AP BD+C
Sustainability and Resiliency Project Manager
Building Engineering



Let’s imagine a scene where you have a robot that you can teach to make your bed or brush your teeth, or even do your math homework. Wouldn’t it be sweet if it was automated?

Jay Lakshmanan
BIM Technology Analyst



My job is to play with adult Lego blocks.

Joe Hsiung, P.E.
Project Engineer
Building Engineering



A SharePoint developer builds web pages for storing documents or collaborating within a closed system called an intranet. We are responsible for building features and changing the look of the pages for the company.

Ian Ramos
SharePoint Designer
Information Technology



My job as a graphic and UX designer is to make information visual and easily digestible. I think through how people will engage with the information and how they will navigate the content. Using that information, I can then find the best solution of how to put the content out into the world to be consumed.

Charlotte Weaver
Senior Graphic Designer
Corporate Communications



We make the instructions for people to build roads that keep people safe. I was a big fan of science and technology when I was a kid. My ideal career would have been an astronomer. However, I decided it was more realistic to be an engineer.

Patrick Fiveash
Senior Engineer