Akron-Canton Airport


North Canton, OH


Stormwater Engineering

Akron-Canton Airport (CAK) has undertaken several important projects to accommodate dramatic increases in passenger volume and aircraft activity, including subsequent effects to facilities and land. One such project was an enhanced deicing system to capture and treat aircraft deicer fluid in order to meet the stringent requirements set by the Ohio EPA’s NPDES permit program. Gresham Smith, alongside two other firms, designed a state-of-the-art, sustainable deicer management facility, which not only provides effective deicing treatment management, but also favorably positions the airport for any new or evolving environmental regulations.

the mechanical equipment inside the akron-canton airport deicing facility

Integrating economical design with cutting-edge technologies, the deicer management system is designed to minimize environmental impacts to groundwater and nearby streams in an effective, efficient and cost-conscious manner. The system’s deicer treatment plant features anaerobic fluidized bed reactor technology, which is able to treat high concentrations of glycol-contaminated effluent at a low operating cost. In addition to providing the treatment system design documents, our team was actively involved in system construction, SCADA programming and startup. We continue to provide ongoing operations assessment, permitting and troubleshooting support.