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Memphis, TN


Wastewater Engineering

The City of Memphis, Tennessee’s Sanitary Sewer Overflow Abatement Program (SARP10) is a 10-year program developed in response to a consent decree issued by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC). For more than a decade, Gresham Smith has provided program management, construction management and engineering services for the program, as part of the team led by prime consultant Black & Veatch.

miles of gravity mains assessed since 2013
year program

Specifically, we’ve helped the City navigate sewer rehabilitation projects of various sizes, coordinating the assessment of 10% of the city’s sewer system—which includes 2,400 miles of gravity sanitary sewer, 39 miles of force mains, 85,000 manholes, 102 lift stations and two wastewater treatment plants—every year. Then, we help review the inspections and prioritize rehabilitation projects, which range from CIPP and mainline replacement on 8-inch diameter sewers to sliplining 120-inch diameter sewer interceptors.

On each project, our team manages the design and construction process, routinely coordinating with EPA, TDEC, TDOT, local utilities and other regulatory agencies to navigate permitting requirements. Additionally, we lead the team’s technical staff in developing RFQ, RFP and RFB documents, as well as selecting contractors and administering contracts for professional and construction services. We’ve also worked extensively to develop standard specifications, drawings and schematics used by the City of Memphis and SARP10 team for program projects and beyond.

A large metal pipe with a large hole.
A group of workers in reflective vests looking down a manhole.