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Fort Lauderdale, FL




Architecture, Interior Design, Experiential Design and Wayfinding, Planning, Owner’s Representative, Program Management, Structural Engineering

Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL) is currently the fastest growing large hub airport. Broward County Aviation Department knew it needed to modernize the space in a way that would improve the passenger experience and help accommodate passenger growth. Gresham Smith is providing design services for facility-wide, multi-phased airside, landside and curbside renovations known as the Terminal Modernization Program. From upgrades to all public area interior finishes, restrooms, hold rooms, security checkpoints and airside connectors, to a facility-wide signage and wayfinding program and a concessions master plan, our multi-disciplined team is leaving no terrazzo stone unturned.

square feet of expansion and renovation cross Terminals 1, 2 and 3
projects across all four terminals
costs for capital improvement program

The Experience is Everything

Passenger experience is incredibly important to an airport’s success and the modernization program’s goal is to create a better aesthetic and operational experience. Gresham Smith is responsible for setting the architectural, interior and wayfinding standard for the airport—from installing terrazzo floors to redesigning restrooms to revamping concessions, our designs take the passenger experience to new heights. Our work touches each terminal:

  • A modernization and expansion of Terminal 1 and a new Concourse A.
  • Renovation and expansion in Terminal 2 to reorganize the concessions space and create a more pleasant overall look and feel.
  • Renovations in Terminal 3 which provides additional concessions and a facelift. During this project, JetBlue also contracted with us to design its new inflight lounge which also serves as an operational hub for the airline’s South Florida operations.
  • Programming and design, working as a subconsultant, for a new Federal Inspection Station (FIS) in Terminal 4.
  • A complete signage overhaul, driven by a wayfinding master plan, that will replace over 5,000 signs on the roadways and in parking facilities alone.
Terminal 1 concourse in Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport

Growth Through Efficiency

Gresham Smith’s design aims to augment the environment as well as flow. FLL currently conducts more operations per acre than most other airports in the country. Coupled with limited potential for geographic growth beyond the Concourse A expansion, FLL must address passenger growth with efficient use of space.

Giving you greater peace of mind, we designed and conducted an implementation review, acting as Owner’s Agent, of new in-line baggage systems at Terminals 2, 3 and 4 to advance checked baggage screening. An all-new one-step Customs and Border Protection (CBP) facility in Terminal 4, which we designed as subconsultant, will have a processing capacity of 1,800 passengers per hour. In Terminal 1 a new centralized 12-lane security checkpoint supports long-term growth and streamlines passenger throughput and circulation.

: exterior daytime view of terminal 2 at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport

Envisioning FLL’s Future

Not only has Gresham Smith set design standards for the modernization program, we have played an active role as a project and program manager to help Broward County Aviation Department bring the modernization program to life. We created master plans for concessions and wayfinding and signage as well as the master concept for connectors between all terminals. We have also served as a counselor on efforts to create Building Information Modeling (BIM) standards for the airport and airport’s consultants moving forward. This set of standards will ultimately provide the airport the basis for a database used in proactive asset management.

canopy over curbside drop off at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport

Creating a Connection

Taking cues from the nearby coast, within each terminal you’ll experience a distinct South Florida vibe through color, light and other finishes that consider the coastal environment.

Upper-level curbside pedestrian canopies protect passengers and commercial-service vehicles from the elements when they are loading and unloading. All terminals are connected externally by a walk-way, and this new overhead canopy coverage comes in clutch when those unpredictable afternoon showers pop-up in South Florida.

As a result of the wayfinding master plan, Gresham Smith is also revamping airport-wide signage for all roadway, garage and terminal areas. Through these enhancements, as well as future connectors between terminals, we’ll make it easier for passengers to get where they need to go while creating a connection to the local area.