Cypress, TX




Architecture, Interior Design

HealthSouth, one of the nation’s largest healthcare providers specializing in rehabilitation, desired to build a new rehabilitation hospital in Cypress, Texas, that not only supported the organization’s efforts to grow its market share in the state, but also increased staff and patient satisfaction and improved patient turnover.

As HealthSouth’s trusted architectural and interior design partner on multiple projects, Gresham Smith was selected to provide architectural and interior design services for the new 48,000-square-foot, 40-bed facility that would provide the northwest Houston region with comprehensive inpatient and outpatient physical and occupational therapy services.

square feet
the gym in the rehab hospital

After working closely with HealthSouth staff to gain a thorough understanding of the unique needs of the new hospital, Gresham Smith designers geared architecture and interior design elements specifically toward patient success and well-being, creating an intuitive and aesthetically pleasing design that helps patients and staff achieve their recuperation goals. Upbeat colors and bright lighting were used in the hospital’s higher-activity rehabilitation areas to improve wayfinding and enhance patient safety. Private patient rooms were designed to provide a calm, quiet and comfortable environment, while an improved wayfinding system helps both patients and visitors navigate the facility.

corridor with patterned floor in the rehab hospital

The flooring pattern in the hospital’s corridors and gym area was designed to assist in gait training for patients, with the flooring itself providing the distance markers needed for assessment. Each hallway features a specific repeated pattern that is measured out in meters, and matches the distances marked in most standard gait tests. As a result, therapists don’t require a special area for the test, and patients are unaware their gait is being assessed, allowing staff to observe their progress in a more natural setting. Additionally, the differing floor patterns throughout the facility serve as an effective wayfinding tool.