Sarah Cannon Research Institute


Nashville, TN




Architecture, Interior Design

When the Sarah Cannon Research Institute needed a new space that could accommodate their latest cutting-edge cancer care center, the organization called on Gresham Smith. Located at the City View Medical Plaza in the heart of Nashville, Tennessee, and housing numerous care departments, the Centennial Medical Center Oncology Medical Office Building offers convenient access and creates a welcoming experience for patients and their support systems.

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Cancer treatments often take significant time and energy, so it was important to Sarah Cannon that their facility be centrally located to reduce travel distances. The building’s second floor is solely dedicated to cancer treatment and care, reducing walking distances for patients and offering views of Nashville’s Centennial Park.

To create a truly memorable experience for patients, the main corridor that stretches from the clinic entry to the various treatment and support spaces features continuous clerestory windows that flood the space with natural light. All of the finishes, decorative lighting fixtures, and furniture reflect a hospitality setting. A wood-look vaulted ceiling with delicate, gold pendants sprinkled throughout gives the feeling of an upscale hotel.

Gresham Smith and Sarah Cannon had previously collaborated on five projects, setting an enterprise-wide vision that elevates the institute’s brand and reinforces the high standard of care provided. For this project, custom casework at each bay helps maintain a home-like aesthetic, while also meeting the needs of the staff. Decorative, semi-transparent glass between infusion bays helps to create a sense of privacy and metal tapered legs on the casework allow for easy cleaning.

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Knowing that the needs of Sarah Cannon staff and patients will evolve over time as cancer care advances, the space is designed to adapt over time. The clinic spaces feature demountable partitions and doors that can be moved, re-panelized or refinished, and the research spaces feature workstations with modular furniture and open chassis, which will allow the spaces to be reconfigured to meet future demands.

Sarah Cannon’s new, collaborative and transformative space at City View Medical Plaza was designed to support our mission of brining cutting-edge therapies to patients closer to home. Gresham Smith has helped us define a design process and aesthetic that supports innovative research in a comfortable and welcoming space for patients. Mary Garges Senior Project Manager, Sarah Cannon Research Institute