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We recognize that advanced manufacturing extends beyond traditional manufacturing processes. As an expert designer of large clean rooms, dry rooms and other tightly controlled humidity spaces, Gresham Smith provides expertise across various advanced manufacturing project types, including mission critical/data centers, semi-conductors/micro-chip fabrication, consumer electronics and 3D printing/additive manufacturing. With a comprehensive understanding of our clients’ high standards, we are well-positioned to adapt to the industry’s continually changing technology and product demands. Our project delivery model incorporates flexibility at every level, from our executive team to our production staff. This approach allows us to efficiently and effectively deliver projects that respond to the dynamic needs of our clients and the ever-evolving industry.


Horn USA – New Manufacturing Facility & North American Headquarters
Carpenter Emerging Technology Center and Additive Manufacturing Facility
LG Electronics New Appliance Manufacturing Plant
Rolls-Royce Crosspointe Aerospace Manufacturing Facility
Confidential Data Centers
Bridgestone Americas Off-Road Radial Tire Plant