Setting the Foundation for Successful Healthcare Planning and Development


Amid a changing regulations and consumer expectations, healthcare providers are challenged to develop facilities that provide the right care, in the right place, with the right resources. With more than 50 years of experience in healthcare design and consulting, Gresham Smith is uniquely qualified to assist clients in assessing their current market positioning, clinical operations and facility opportunities to accommodate changing trends and future growth.

From market modeling and demand forecasting to set a strategic direction to planning that enhances operational efficiencies and patient flow, our Advisory Services team stands ready to help healthcare facilities create a foundation for future transformation.

Strategic Planning Services

Market Modeling

To plan for the future, we must understand current conditions. We analyze population and demographic data and clinical volumes to assess market share, population health issues, demand for services and potential growth.

Service Line Planning

Coupled with growth projections of targeted service lines, our Advisory Services team analyzes reimbursement, provider recruitment potential, and more to enhance service line growth.

Physician Demand Planning

By analyzing physician need and provider access analytics we can develop a plan that strategically aligns a facility’s business plan with the need for medical resources.

Demand Forecasting

After determining market potential estimating service line growth and predicting physician recruitment, we use predictive modeling to estimate five- and ten-year future volumes for clinical services. This data serves as the foundation for master facility planning and campus development.

Strategic Campus Growth

Land Development Strategies

Master facility planning provides a short-, mid-, and long-term roadmap for the ongoing development and growth of the healthcare campus. With a thorough understanding of a client’s strategic priorities and current operations, we can assess the facility’s current state, identify constraints, establish priorities for campus development and develop a master plan that will meet future capacity requirements.


Performance & Operational Services

Lean Performance and Design

To create a more operationally efficient facility, our team compares current quality and performance metrics to national benchmarks and integrates the data into capacity planning and space design processes.

Patient Flow and Process Mapping

Understanding the flow of people, materials and information is the foundation for designing efficient facilities. By using flow diagramming, journey mapping and value stream mapping to analyze how processes are currently performed, we can gain insights into operational factors that impact facility capacity and space requirements.

Data-Driven Design


Simulation Modeling

After creating a baseline model to portray a facility’s current operational practices, existing resources, workflows and staffing models, as can develop future scenarios to understand the implications of changes in operations and design.


Functional and Space Programming

We engage departmental stakeholders to develop a functional program, which outlines a department’s scope of services, capacity needs, staff numbers and patient flows, as well as a space program, which details the number of rooms, as well as the types and sizes, to be included in a department.

Select Advisory Services Projects

M.T. Mustian Center Nurse Stations

Tallahassee Memorial Hospital – M.T. Mustian Center Surgery and Critical Care Tower

We worked with TMH to develop a master plan that would anticipate the region’s needs for the next 50 years, then used Lean Six Sigma principles and tools to design a facility that improves staff efficiency and effectiveness and lowers operational costs.


Novant Health Haymarket Medical Center Programming & Planning

Providing patient care in one of the fastest growing areas in the country, Novant Health sought to expand beyond its Manassas hospital campus to provide services in northern Prince William County. Our team assisted with the programming, planning, and the Certificate of Need process for the new hospital.

University of Florida Health Jacksonville

UF Health North Space Programming

When designing the emergency department in the ambulatory care center on the UF Health North campus, Gresham Smith created a space program that eliminated unnecessary barriers between departments and crated an economically sustainable facility. We established zones for assessment, care and observation, and created flex spaces to accommodate shifts in demand.

Cookeville Regional Medical Center Patient Tower Addition

Cookeville Regional Medical Center Emergency Department Demographic Study

When CRMC’s emergency department began experiencing elevated average lengths of stay, Gresham Smith worked with the hospital to conduct a demographic study and throughput evaluation to optimize the facility’s functional capabilities, staffing and space improvements.


University of Alabama at Birmingham – Emergency Department Expansion Feasibility Study

Ahead of UAB’s emergency department expansion, we conducted a feasibility study to determine how many rooms could be added within the existing footprint and identify existing obstacles. Then, the team developed an updated test fit and ED expansion plan.

Business team briefing the idea and discussing exchange contract during brainstorming in office

DuPage County Health Department Demographics Assessment

When DuPage County Health Department sought to develop a mental health crisis and intake center, we analyzed demographic data and population growth projections to estimate five-, 10- and 15-year patient volumes to inform the design process.

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